Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gathered In His Name

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."

The LORD God is not impressed with numbers as man counts them. He is not into earthly power and popularity contests. Every Christian may rejoice in knowing His mercies extend to the smallest of numbers, thus you may put away notions of greatness as you have come to think of greatness.

The LORD God is not impressed with your personal, individual, singular worship. He does not even refer to it here. Yes, He knows individual hearts and treats of individuals daily and richly, but His Word here pertains to two or three, not one. Self indulgence is inimical to Who God is and what He does. Besides, physical proximity is not the point. The Body of Christ is.

No one is hereby enjoined to make an effort to bring about the presence of Christ Jesus. The gathering of which He speaks is a gathering which only His Holy Spirit induces and effects. You cannot by your own reason or strength be gathered in His Name. He must gather you and His Church, and He does.

To be gathered in His Name does not require a special set of words or thoughts on the part of those who are gathered, but it requires the Word of the Lord to be preached and adminstered when and where it pleases Him. This may happen under circumstances not widely known or published, as it should be and often is.

Agreement, gathering, and confessing the Truth always begins with the One who piecered the darkness of this fallen world and was pierced for our transgressions. It is He Who declares unquivocally that He dwells in the midst of those who fear His Name and call upon Him at all times and in all places.
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