Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dear Emma Elizabeth,

This morning I listened and watched as you were plucked from the kingdom of the evil one and placed firmly into the ark of Christendom. You were baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Already, after less than two weeks outside your Mommy’s womb, your Father in heaven has seen to it that sin and death will not have its way with you. The same Father in heaven who gave you the gift of your body through your Mom and Dad has made you His own child today, because He, too, was conceived and born of the same flesh and blood you have, except He has taken your place as your sin-bearer and Savior.

Your life is not the same any more. As a matter of fact, your life is no longer your own, but it is a life purchased and won for you at great cost. You’ll learn more about that as you grow up.

As you grow older your Mom and Dad, as well as your sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Rhein, and your pastor(s) will take a keen interest in seeing to it that you are raised within the hearing of God’s Word, in God’s house, so that you never forget where you came from or where you are going, but will live out your days in thanks and praise to the One who has loved you with an everlasting love from the beginning.

As your Grandpa, I have listened and watched for years as your aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents, and many before you have been blessed beyond all we could ask or think through the same Christ Jesus into Whom you were baptized today. He is faithful. He never changes.

At the same time, we and all Christians together have learned that a life worth living is never a life lived for oneself. Rather it is a life abiding in the same Jesus who was crucified as the Son of God, and Who lives to bless all of creation. It will be a life hidden under the Cross for you, just like it is for all of Jesus’ dear Christians, for whom He gladly laid down His life and took it up again.

Of course I will be praying for you, just like all Christians do for one another together as they have been taught. I suppose I will be tickling you and teasing you a little bit, too. That’s just part of the fun in being a Grandpa.

God bless and keep you, Emma, according to His everlasting mercies in Christ Jesus.

- Grandpa Seyboldt

+ + +

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